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National Cargo Services Inc.
provides warehousing, distribution and Customs examination support to ensure smooth continuous movement of all import/export shipments, in a cost effective, timely manner. Operating as a full service facility, National Cargo Service provides:

  • Container stuffing & de-stuffing
  • Consolidation, distribution and freight transfer
  • Cross-dock services
  • Storage & warehousing – short-term & long-term (Pick & Pack)
  • Inventory management & handling services
  • Customized computer generated reporting services

Specializing in:

  • Handling & distribution of imported time sensitive manufactured goods
  • Bulk material for seasonal ‘just in time’ distribution & delivery.
  • Meeting the needs of customer driven supply chain requirements
  • Long-term & short-term inventory storage

Additional services offered:

  • LTL & T/L transportation handling locally, across Canada & USA
  • Experienced multi-lingual dedicated personnel 24/7 Availability
  • 24 Hour Alarm & Video Security

National Cargo Services Inc. is a secure cost effective Customs bonded warehouse & distribution centre. We take pride in being part of our customers’ supply chain.






13951 Bridgeport Road
Richmond, B.C.
Tel: 604-232-9223
Fax: 604-232-9233

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